About Us

Founded in 2013 Constrix set out to be a leading player in the real estate industry. Putting at the fulcrum of its core mission is the desire to provide habitable spaces for Nigerians, through its businesses, designs, and construction activities cost-effectively and efficiently aimed at delivering better living standards, while adding value to the social and communal life in Nigeria.

The company is led by innovative, focused, and diligent young minds, whose qualifications and experiences in the diverse fields of architecture, real estate development, marketing management, and business administration have put the company in a pole position to achieve its primary goal of bridging the housing deficit in the country.

Constrix has had numerous awards including fastest growing real estate company.

What we do

We are a real estate construction company that offers professional and comprehensive property services to clients who appreciate the benefits of dealing with one reliable point of contact through all the facets of property transactions.
It is our mission to provide services of the highest quality throughout the term of even the most complex project.
We have succeeded in developing long-term business relationships by meeting our client’s specific needs in ways that are innovative and commercially sound.
Constrix signifies an energetic and contemporary future in property services. We offer an advanced and innovative approach to real estate.
At Constrix we believe we have a unique ability to offer a complete real estate service where clients can access the latest expertise in a wide range of property matters and associated services.


The founder and CEO of Constrix Real Estate Company, a company he started born out of his passion for meeting the housing needs of Nigerians. This passion has made him lead Constrix to embark on numerous projects to achieve this goal – under his visionary leadership, the company’s pilot project “Palm City 1” was conceptualized, built, and delivered in record time.
His commitment, dynamism, and innovative approach to problem-solving have won him many individual awards and accolades.
With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, he has brought this experience to bear in all the projects Constrix has been involved in trained architect, Mr. Nura also holds an MBA from a prestigious Cypriot university.
He is a recipient of many awards including the NHA Special Recognition Award for leadership.

Meet the partners

Constrix has experienced, passionate skilled and dedicated staff, who are guided by
a young, knowledgeable and highly experienced management team that has
created a culture of innovation and absolute customer-dedication.


As Director of Finance, Mr. Abubakar is responsible for financial management and control for Constrix.
With 5 years of experience in public service, he holds a bachelor’s degree in computing and IT from the University of Surrey.


Mr. Ibrahim is Constrix’s president and in addition, leads the company’s marketing and brand activities. He has specific expertise in aligning the company’s mission and business strategy with its brand. Mr. Ibrahim holds a diploma in Info Tech and a BSc degree in Computer Science.


Mr. Conan is charged with the responsibility of proposing, aligning, and coordinating the business strategy of the company. Coming with a wealth of experience of over 15 years in the finance sector before joining Constrix, he holds two MBAs and a Bachelor’s in Mass communication.


  • NHA Award for “Fastest Growing Real Estate Company”
  • NHA Award for “Most Innovative Real Estate Company”
  • NHA Special Recognition Award for Leadership
  • Most Influential Real Estate Company in West Africa
  • Beacon of Hope for Africa’s Development Leadership Award
  • Youth Partnership for Africa’s Development(YOUPAD) award for Integrity and Transparency
  • Corporate partner of the NTBC Business Cocktail